About Us

Oba Makarna, founded in Gaziantep in 1966, is a leading company in its sector with its high technological investments and quality production giving importance to human health. Oba Makarna, purchased by ÖZGÜÇLÜ FAMILY in 2005, develops products with innovative approaches by making production with the world's highest technology systems in its facilities with a closed area of 49,000 m², built on 110,000 m² in the 4th Organized Industrial Zone of Gaziantep.

After its investments of 50,000,000 Euros between 2010 and 2012, it reaches the tables of more than 100 countries with a daily production capacity of 1.540 tons of wheat cracking and approximately 1,000 tons of pasta.

Oba Makarna guarantees a high quality end product from the beginning to the end of production, in the integrated production facility equipped with high technology, established on an area of 50,000 m² in Sakarya/Hendek, in 2017. Thanks to its daily 1330 wheat cracking, almost 800 tons of pasta production capacity and location advantage, the products reach the world's tables quickly.

Oba Makarna, which offers 40 different product types to its consumers by using the freshest durum wheat grown in the fertile lands of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which pioneered the beginning of agriculture, serves with laboratory analyzes equipped with the most advanced control devices in its integrated modern production facilities.

In order to contribute more to the country's economy with new generation products, by increasing the number of lines to 4 in the noodle production facility in Sakarya/Hendek; It is proud of having the largest noodle production facility in Turkey and Europe, reaching a daily capacity of 3,000,000 packages of noodles and 300,000 cups of noodle.

In line with the sustainability strategy, half of the electrical energy used in the noodle production facility is met by solar panels with 2.4 MW power installed on the roof of the facility. Within the framework of corporate goals, the electricity used in the production facility is produced from renewable energy, and it also contributes to sustainability by preventing 1700 tons of carbon emissions and saving 33,500 trees.

Consumer satisfaction achieved through the perfectionist approach; It's not a coincidence, it's a success story!