Cheesy And Nutty Pasta

1 package Oba Pen Cut Pasta

1 small white mold cheese (our preference is bryndza)
1 cup walnuts, or hazelnuts
salt, a little red pepper



Fill more than half of a large pot with water. Add some salt when it is about to boil. Drip a few drops of olive oil when it boils.
Add the pasta. Stir them so that they do not stick. Cook it, stirring occasionally. While cooking water if the water is low, we can add some water. Apply some cold water to cooked pasta in and stir it. Sieve it. Wash the boiling pan and melt the butter. Add the sieved pasta to melted butter and stir it. Check the salt. Do not forget the salt of the cheese as well. Color the pasta with some red pepper.

Good Appetite…