As a leading organization in its sector, it is the aim of our company to make the "Oba" Brand identical with the concepts of "Quality" and "Trust". In accordance with this purpose;

  • To continuously improve all our processes by managing risks and opportunities,
  • To meet the expectations of our customers and to increase customer satisfaction,
  • To produce pasta and semolina in accordance with national and international standards, based on legal conditions, halal conditions and customer conditions in all our activities,
  • To inform all our stakeholders, especially our personnel, about the Integrated Management System awareness,
  • To continuously improve the performance of the Integrated Management system,
  • To use the necessary communication methods, including food safety and system quality,
  • To realize the production of the products we will produce from natural and good quality raw materials,
  • Taking into account the rules of Occupational Health and Safety; managing risks, creating a healthy and safe working environment, minimizing injuries and health deterioration,
  • Consulting with employees and their representatives, ensuring their participation,
  • To protect the environment, to prevent pollution at its source by considering the environmental dimension of all our activities,
  • To take measures to reduce our waste, to use raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently,
  • To keep efficiency at the highest level during energy use,
  • To use energy resources at the minimum level for energy consumption, to develop projects to reduce energy use and to continuously improve,
  • Being sensitive about global warming and climate change and taking precautions,
  • To manage production activities in accordance with energy efficiency,
  • To convert the wastes generated in the production process into useful energy,
  • To maintain and improve the security of the institution by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of assets,

It undertakes to manage security breaches that our company will encounter and to ensure that all measures are taken when necessary.