Get In The Kitchen And Cook Together

Doing something with your lover will always keep alive your love and your feelings will become stronger. If you have never went into the kitchen and cooked together since the beginning of your relationship, then this is the time to do it! You cook the macaroni, ...
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Elders Are The Most Important Memory of Our Nation

World's leading brand Oba Makarna celebrated the International Day of Older Persons and Older Persons Week of residents in Nursing Home with an organized event. İpek Cıncıkcı, the Corporate Communication Director in Oba Makarna, stating that elders are the most ...
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With 130 Million Consumers, Japanese Market Whets Oba Makarna’s Appetite

Japan spends 60 billion dollars per year on food imports, with macaroni among the top  Oba Makarna CEO Alpaslan Ozguclu states that macaroni occupies a significant place in food imports of Japan and their target is to be more effective ...
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Do Not Leave Pasta To Eat Healthy

Pasta is almost indispensable for all families; it is prepared easily and eaten with joy. It turns into a great-looking main course by being garnished easily and it ranks in the food list that is favorite of every person ranging from youngsters to elders. Moreov...
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What Is The Direct Relation With Love And Macaroni?

Macaroni, which always has its place ready on our tables with its practical cooking, delicious taste and nice appearance, not only nurtures our bodies with the vitamins and minerals it contains, but also provides flavors for our love lives. Turkey’s pasta ...
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